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To end hunger in America by utilizing food excess from businesses for those in need.

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2.71 million meals served

267,900 clothes & toiletries

275 partners


We are working to alleviate hunger for the homeless and food insecure. We host toiletry drives to help the homeless be able to save their money to get back on their feet. Good clothing also helps them when they go to interview for jobs, for those who aren't currently employed. Toiletries are also given to families in need, because millions of Americans are one or two pay checks away from being homeless, and saving on clothes and toiletry items can alleviate this burden.

We are educating the community by speaking the facts. And by sharing the stories of the homeless in Crystal Wolfe's book, Our Invisible Neighbors, we hope to open people's hearts and minds to this growing epidemic. We hope that the people in power will utilize the legislation Wolfe developed, which can also be found in her book. 

We also hope to inspire people to recognize that we are all in this together--every day we can choose to be a part of the solution, and make a positive difference in someone's life--one meal, one pair of socks, one smile, and one open heart and mind at a time.

Food Rescues
Connecting Businesses with Excess Food to Network of Partners

Our main mission is to connect food excess to those in need. 

We work with catering companies on ready-made meals that are leftover and untouched from catered events. We work with grocery stores with both perishable and non-perishable food items. 

We work with schools who want to donate their pre-packaged breakfasts and lunches that were unopened by students who didn't need them. We work with farms with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat to donate. 

We work with restaurants who want to donate ingredients or food excess from catered events. We have drives to raise non-perishable food items for food pantries. 

All food donations comply with state laws and is protected under the national Good Samaritan Law. We are the only national organization working to get food excess to those in need in every way possible.

Toiletries, Clothes, Food, and Socks

We periodically host drives throughout the year for toiletries, clothes, non-perishable food, and for socks. Socks are the #1 requested items for the homeless in shelters.

We have run drives with churches, politicians, community boards, civic associations, clubs, and are willing to work with any person or organization who wants to help raise items.

We then take these items to local homeless shelters, street outreach programs, food pantries, and soup kitchens serving the homeless and families who are close to homelessness, in order to help prevent more people losing their homes.

Millions of families are in poverty and are one or two paychecks away from homelessness. So providing clothes, toiletry items, and food, can enable families to focus their earnings on paying rent so that they can keep a roof over their heads.

With food, clothes, and toiletries being provided to those experiencing homelessness, we hope to enable them to be able save money to get a new home eventually.

Education, Advocacy, Legislation
Public Speaking, Book with Solutions and Facts of Homelessness

There are a lot of misconceptions about homelessness, and it's leading cause of domestic violence. In my book there is a chapter about the "myths of homelessness," as well "myths of domestic violence." Founder Crystal Wolfe speaks on a regular basis in meetings, and offers author talks at various venues to educate the community about the facts of homelessness.

Most importantly, the book offers dozens of solutions on homelessness, and it's leading causes, for example: education, affordable housing, domestic violence, and much more. Wolfe also interviews select politicians about their solutions to homelessness and it's many causes. Not only did come with solutions, she has worked with at 7 politicians on legislation to turn these solutions into action. 



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Our goal is to eventually do this critical work in every state

 in America, and eventually, around the world...

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Founder of The Solution to Hunger, Inc.

Founder Crystal Wolfe has always had a heart for those in need. Seeing the homeless on the streets is especially heart breaking. While Crystal Wolfe was doing reporting throughout NYC, she became more and more aware and educated about this growing epidemic—not just in New York, but throughout the nation.

Due to an incredible ordeal of the very real challenge to survive that she, and millions, of New Yorkers face, while working multiple jobs, she took a job in catering. It was after the first catering job was over, that she realized how much food was going to waste, and was able to learn the practical steps to get this food excess to those in need. 

She had a vision about creating a log in program that could be used nationally through a website as a network of businesses with food excess being connected to charities who could utilize their food for those in need. This vision has still not been completed, but Wolfe continues to exhaust all options and ideas, and will leave no stone unturned, to accomplish this vision.

As Wolfe began speaking on behalf of the homeless, she encountered many people in the community whose negative beliefs about the homeless were factually untrue. Due to these falsehoods, solutions were not being found. In order to get the truth out, she researched hundreds of sources, interviewed politicians and people who were, or had once been, homeless. 

She also wrote, and continues to write, articles on this issues in many newspapers and magazines throughout the country as an important form of advocacy. Her own story is also shared in this books. The hope is in the solutions she developed and shared with 8 politicians throughout NYC.

We have now provided services in four states, and one other country. We are dedicated to the completion of this vision, which will empower us to expand this successful program into every state, county, and town in America. There is food going to waste everywhere every day in America. There is poverty and hunger in every state of America. This organization is the solution to hunger.

Founder & President of The Solution to Hunger, Inc., Crystal Wolfe, is the author of a comprehensive book on homelessness, Our Invisible Neighbors: Accounts, Causes, & Solutions to the Epidemic of Homelessness.

Synopsis of Novel: Homelessness is an issue that is as complex as the people involved. This comprehensive book on homelessness explores the causes that have resulted in this epidemic—the arms and legs, and the heart and soul of it. Our Invisible Neighbors includes 12 personal accounts of people who have been homeless throughout the United States, an account from a man who was homeless as a child in the Dominican Republic, and a chapter with the synopsis of 107 celebrities who were once homeless.

​These stories of homelessness are from people of all ages, genders, races, and walks of life. These accounts include experiences of living on the subways, streets, in cars, parks, homeless shelters, and hotel shelters. Most importantly, several chapters explore the solutions of homelessness--how Finland, Canada, and certain cities and states in America have ended or greatly reduced the crisis of homelessness in their countries. 

This "cause of the heart" can be overcome through understanding, determination, and love for the people who have become Our Invisible Neighbors.

Link to buy Our Invisible Neighbors by Crystal Wolfe on Amazon and Kindle:



Crystal Wolfe is the currently the author of seven novels. Volume One of The Creation Series: Where the Shadows Meet the Light, Volume Two of The Creation Series: Within the Genesis of Time, Volume Three of The Creation Series: While the Ashes Rise to Life, and Volume Four of The Creation Series, When the Lines of Lilith Unite, The Resurrected Dream: A Collection of Poetry & Prose from an Awakened Soul, and a 365 Daily Devotional to Cultivate the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Trinity.

NOTE: All Novels by Crystal Wolfe are available on Amazon, Kindle, in Bookstores, and in Libraries upon request. A portion of all book proceeds goes toward the efforts of this nonprofit. 


MISSION: To end hunger in America by utilizing food excess from businesses, farms, grocery stores, restaurants, and catering companies for the homeless and food insecure through a growing network of nonprofits, churches, soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, and street outreach.


There are over 50 million American families experiencing hunger on a regular basis. There are approximately 150 billion pounds of food going to waste every year in the U.S. There is literally enough food going to waste that no one needs to be going hungry.


Getting this food to those is need is The Solution to Hunger.

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