For Crystal Wolfe, this Nonprofit, and Our Invisible Neighbors


“This work takes on a monumental cause that has been plaguing our society for some time. Miss Wolfe is passionate about not only raising awareness, but also highlighting solutions. This work is long overdue."

-PHILIP GENTILE, Soup Kitchen 411, Inc.


"The challenge of living marginally for New Yorkers cannot be overestimated. Food insecurity is only part of a narrative that involves systematic inequities, such as housing scarcity, non-living wages, issues of immigration, gender and racial exploitation and oppression--to name just a few.​ 

Food insecurity is a pivotal aspect of working with homeless communities. To find allies in this work is literally like finding an oasis in the desert. Cue Crystal Wolfe, and the amazing work she is doing coordinating and connecting food sources to various communities throughout New York.

As the Community of Hope Minister of Outreach for the Homeless for 30+ years, I can say that the leadership, and the ministry that Crystal Wolfe provides is invaluable. We have had the blessing and good fortune of working with her, as she organizes and connects us with catered food for our community guests.

The response from our community members is elation, as it proves that love and compassion exists outside of the familiar confounds of a church. The food that Miss Wolfe arranges for us is emblematic of a larger narrative, namely that at our core, New Yorkers have hearts of gold. Crystal Wolfe, and the ministry she provides through Catering for the Homeless, definitely belongs in this category."

-CARL GARRISON, Community of Hope Minister of Homeless Outreach at The Manhattan Church of Christ

“ I am proud to support Ms. Wolfe, and thank her for the opportunity to discuss the homeless crisis facing New York, as well as the best possible solutions."

-NY Assemblyman ANDREW HEVESI, District 28


"It's been a pleasure knowing Ms. Wolfe. She is a prime example of what society needs more of. While setting the bar high to help homeless families and children, she follows up with actions that help families live day-to-day. Her dedication and compassion never run dry, and I'm truly blessed to know such a caring person."

​-DMYTRO FEDKOWSKYJ Community Advocate, Community Board 5 of Queens, NY

"I think Crystal Wolfe is brave for telling her story."

​-NY Assemblyman BRIAN BARNWELL, District 30

"Just holding this book in my hands, and knowing that someone is out there fighting for me, and there are solutions to homelessness, makes me feel better."

-Homeless Woman in Allentown, PA

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ms. Wolfe in addressing the serious issue of homelessness and hunger in our city. I truly appreciate her dedication and compassion towards assisting others in need."

-NY Senator JOSEPH P.ADDABBO, JR., District 15


“Crystal Wolfe is a force to be reckoned with."​

-The New York Press


"Crystal Wolfe has been the utmost professional, and extremely attentive and responsive to our donation requests at the Javits Center. In the catering business, food donations are time-sensitive as the foods donated are typically packaged as ready-to-eat goods. Crystal has facilitated many same-day pickups with her network feeding countless individuals in need.

Aside from her professionalism, Crystal is a true humanitarian with a heart of gold. This shines through in her work, as you are left with no doubt that she truly cares about helping those less fortunate."

-JOHN SHEWCHUK, Levy Restaurants at The Jacob K. Javits Center


“This is really important and needed work."​

-MARK PREHN, from The Metro Baptist Church, Food Justice Coordinator

Our Invisible Neighbors is the best book I've ever read, and I'm an avid reader. I love this book. I couldn't put it down."

-LINDA SMITH, Supporter


"Crystal Wolfe, an advocate for the homeless, has been a regular presence at the Community Board 5 Homeless Services Committee, and I look forward to incorporating her ideas in the legislation I plan to introduce."

-Council Member BOB HOLDEN, District 30

"Got my copy of Crystal Wolfe's book, Our Invisible Neighbors. This book is for those who care for the needy, the poor, the day laborer, and the homeless."​​

-JUAN RODRIGUEZ, Secretary of Deanery Queens 2 at The Queen of Angels Church in Sunnyside, Queens

“Crystal Wolfe is an outspoken advocate for the homeless. Our Invisible Neighbors is an extremely well-written book that takes a hard look at the issue of homelessness in our society. Her dedication, compassion, hard work, towards, and with, the homeless, prove that one person can make a tremendous difference."

-DEBORAH HARRIS-HALL, Volunteer from Saint Sebastian's

"I don't know anyone else who has gotten on the subways in NYC to feed the homeless. Crystal Wolfe amazes me. I don't know how she does it. It could help someone 10 years from now. Her book will live on forever."


"I'm from Puerto Rico, and I came here to America with my children. During the Coronavirus, Crystal Wolfe came and brought food to my family many times. The food helped us so much. We really needed it. But Crystal Wolfe gave us more than food--she showed us that somebody cares."

-RAINA, a family CFTH brought food to in Corona, Queens, NYC​

"I've lived in the community of Maspeth all my life. I used to be a big part of the community, and have volunteered for many organizations. Now I'm disabled, elderly, and due to the Coronavirus, my family and I have fallen on hard times. When no one else, and no other organization would help us, Crystal Wolfe has provided food and other necessities to my family for months. She is an answer to my prayers."

-LUCILLE, a family that CFTH brought food to in Maspeth, Queens, NYC

“Crystal Wolfe has done more to help me than anyone. Her book, and the way she told my story in Chapter One of Our Invisible Neighbors, really touched me." -GERALDINE GROMWALDT, Former homeless woman who was helped by CFTH



DIED ON MAY 23rd, 2019​



“As one person, Crystal Wolfe does more to help the homeless than any church, priest, or organization I know."-SISTER NELLIE DACQUEL, MUCP, Former Secretary of Catering for the Homeless, Inc.

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